Submitted/Under Revision

Behrendt, A., Savelsbergh, M. & Wang, H. (2022). Crowdsourced Same-day Delivery: Joint Planning and Coordination for Centralized and Decentralized Couriers. Under review at Management Science.


Behrendt, A., Savelsbergh, M. & Wang, H. (2022). A Prescriptive Machine Learning Method for Courier Scheduling on Crowdsourced Delivery Platforms.Transportation Science.

Behrendt, A., Payyappalli, V. M., & Zhuang, J. (2019). Modeling the cost effectiveness of fire protection resource allocation in the united states: Models and a 1980–2014 case study. Risk analysis, 39(6), 1358-1381.

Behrendt, A., Lukasiewicz, K., Seaberg, D., & Zhuang, J. (2019). Trends in Multidisciplinary Hazard and Disaster Research: A 1982–2017 Case Study. Risk analysis, 41(7), 1195-1203.

Technical Reports

Zhuang, J., Payyappalli, V. M., Behrendt, A., & Lukasiewicz, K. (2017). Total cost of fire in the United States. Fire Protection Research Foundation.

Conference Presentations

· In person presentation at MSOM 2022

· In person presentation at TRISTAN XI 2022

· In person presentation at the 2021 INFORMS annual meeting

· Virtual presentation at the 2021 TSL workshop

· Virtual Presentation at the 2020 INFORMS annual meeting