Uber Freight (Carrier Pricing) (Fall 2021)

Data Science Intern

· Developed, implemented and tested pricing algorithms for setting optimal reservation rates given uncertain courier engagement to increase profit margin.

· Analyzed and visualized data using SQL and Pandas to assess the downstream pricing effects of a new driver program.

Roadie (Summer 2019/Summer 2020)

Data Science Intern

· Implemented a module in Python that uses machine learning, specifically recurrent neural networks, to determine which blocks of time the company should offer to drivers.

· Developed a tool that uses historical driver behavior to estimate Roadie’s delivery capacity in current and potential markets.

· Formulated and implemented a dispatching algorithm in Python to dispatch contracted drivers while balancing workload of crowdsourced workers.

CUBRC (2017-2018)

Research Intern

· Developed a system in Python with group of 4 other interns to interface company’s routing algorithm to simulated drones (both software and hardware in the loop) and real drones.

· Wrote state-machine implementation in Java to keep track of real time target identification status during missions.