Adam Behrendt

PhD Candidate in Operations Research

H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Georgia Institute of Technology


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INFORMS Annual Meeting 2022 talks:

Joint Planning and Coordination for Centralized and Decentralized Couriers

· Monday, October 17th 8:00am (MA46. Crowdsourced Last-Mile Delivery.)

A Prescriptive Machine Learning Method for Courier Scheduling on Crowdsourced Delivery Platforms

· Tuesday, October 18th 11:00am (TB69. Learning Algorithms to Manage Service Systems.)

I work with Dr. He Wang and Dr. Martin Savelsbergh at Georgia Tech. I am interested in supply chain optimization, logistics platform design, and marketplace design; specifically, studying how online marketplaces and digital platforms will reshape the supply chain of the future. My research uses a variety of analytics tools such as large-scale optimization, pricing, routing, and machine learning to analyze and improve the operations of supply chain platforms.